Modernica X Girl

If you've ever contemplated skateboard construction and seen Modernica furniture, you'll notice the overlaps in design, materials and execution.

Modernica's work is exceptionally well crafted and designed, and, in many ways parallels the beauty of a skateboard's design and construction. A relationship between Girl Skateboards and Modernica seemed almost inevitable. The partnership is topped off by the introduction of four Girl appointed creatives who were each tasked with creating art that would eventually be featured on the Modernica constructed Girl wooden dolls.

Introducing the collaborative effort of Girl & Modernica with guest artists Sean Cliver, Marcel Dzama, Sage Vaughn, and Lori D. Please enjoy the offering.

Lori Damiano

Lori Damiano, or Lori D., roams the worlds of illustration and animation. Lori's work exudes humor and its presence in our joy of everyday activities. In her world, a Brazilian mambo dancer can easily jump on a moped and ride to the circus to try out the trapeze and talk to the lions. Most recently, she's been seen riding a giant motorcycle and dabbling in weaving.

Sean Cliver

Iconic skate illustrator, Sean Cliver encapsulates the radical approach of '90s skateboard graphics. Cliver is one of the most prolific artists in skateboarding, and a skate culture curator with his 2 edition book series, “Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art“.

A Process Behind
Every OG Doll

We spoke with each artist about their individual approach to the project. Enjoy visuals of the process behind each and every OG Doll, with voice notes from Sean Cliver, Marcel Dzama, Sage Vaughn, and Lori D.

Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama has developed a recognizable style that investigates the relationship between the real and the subconscious. His work encompasses a universe of childhood fantasies and otherworldly fairy tales. Dzama has created everything from skateboard graphics to world of characters for the NY Ballet's “The Most Incredible Thing.”

Sage Vaughn

Sage Vaughn's earliest memories are sketching animals at the local zoo alongside his father. In adulthood, as an acclaimed painter, he contrasts the natural world against melancholic backgrounds featuring the post-industrial landscape. This is one of Sage's many collaborations with Girl.

Modernica X Girl Collection Available Now!

The Modernica OG Doll limited preorder has ended, but the Girl X Modernica collection of goods is available now. Visit to shop the collection today.