Special Announcement!
You shot, edited, and posted. We posted up, watched them all,
and picked a winner!
Thanks to everyone for entering!
Congratulations to
Colin Read,
our 2
runner-ups, and
our top 50 finalists!
Spike's Dreamy Award: Solos by Colin Read
First Runner-Up:
D3AN by Evan Bourque
Second Runner-Up:
The Bust by Boe and Charles Nasby
Honorable Mentions:
Getting Weird Award: Skateboring: The Etiquette by Andrew Meredith
Skateboring: The Kickflip by Andrew Meredith
Shit Happens by Daniel Policelli
Chapter XIII by Kevin Horn
Tinder Girl by Jason Sherman
Kick Rocks by Silas Phillips
Skatevision by Dillon Buss
How They Got Away by Sean Wang
Orchard Beast by Jeremy Fraga
TinderGo by Jeremy Fraga
Girl You Want by Dean Charnley
No Strings Attached by Luis Reyes
Dog by Dane Haman
When the Mouse Becomes the Horse by Rodrigo Schulz
Light Frequencies by Phivos Stavrou
Everything Turns Colorful by Erick Marcel
Get Back by Chris Barber
Water Proof by Jordan Ettinger
The Doors by William Bryk
Spots by Max Junk
Pretty Neat by Oscar Cannon
The Littlest VX by Andy Doyle
Sear by Matt Lucier
Track and Field by Ale Lauraeus
Head Trip by Mike Miller
Poolin Around by Ignacio Barba
Gleaming the Box by Todd Hansen
Relic by Jordan Davies
Farewell by Jeremy Lynch
Window Dream by Felix Bollain
The Big Game by César Cervantes
Jesus Christ, What Happened? by Henning Christiansen
Since '77 by Walker Andrews
Snow Day by Macauley Berg
Confluence by Elias Blood
Uploaded by Carter Hewlett
Original Invisible Skateboards by Chris Donahue
Most Interesting Skater in the World by Andrew Leibman
Fidget by Paul Martin
The Skate Kiln by Danny Mizicko
It's a Skater by Logan Yuzna
Back Tail Bigspin by Travis Wood
Lollipop by Landon Lacayo