• Goldfish Watch / Read More +
    Chapters / Features:

      Shortly after the formation of Girl Skateboards their first film, Goldfish, was released. The film features the original Girl team along with guest appearances from the Chocolate team. The film set the standard for all Girl films to follow by including creative and narrative skits starring team riders. The film was directed by Spike Jonze.

      Intro: 0:00 Jeron Wilson: 1:11 Team Cheer: 4:17 Rudy Johnson: 4:31 Double Yellow: 5:44 Tony Ferguson: 6:21 Walk of Fame: 8:54 Tim Gavin: 9:12 Sean Sheffey: 11:12 Jovontae, Guy & Sheffey: 11:33 The Parallel: 12:43 Rick Howard: 14:48 Chocolate POW!: 16:49 Chocolate: 17:08 Church: 18:46 Mike Carroll: 19:02 Portable Jump Ramp: 23:17 Eric Koston: 24:07 Free Goldy: 28:16 Credits: 29:09
      Executive Producers: Rick Howard Directors: Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, Wing Ko Producer: Eric Matthies Editor: Wing Ko, Rick Howard Videography: Tim Dowling, Wing Ko, Aaron Meza, Jody Morris
    • Paco Watch / Read More +
      Chapters / Features:

        Set in the post Civil War west, LAS NUEVE VIDAS DE PACO, is the epic tale of six men who have been cheated. Cheated out of their pride. After loosing their horses during the night, Los Banditos set out on foot to seek revenge on their mortal enemy, “The Law”, and save their enslaved companero, Paco. What follows is a spectacular visual feast of epic cinematography in which the six fight incredible odds to remain friends.

        LAS NUEVE VIDAS DE PACO is the first in a trilogy encompassing the classic struggle of good vs evil (or evil vs good), with an ending that will twist your guts up. The old west extravaganza represents yet another stepping-stone in the soon to be legacy of film-making from GSF.

        Special guests: Ray Barbee, Sofia Coppola, The Fandanglers, Johannes Gamble, & Mark Gonzales
        Opening Titles: 0:00 “Que es tu Problemo”: 2:21 Mike York: 3:21 The Temper of a Man: 6:06 Chico Brenes: 6:38 The Grave: 8:19 Richard Mulder: 9:18 Shamil Randle: 11:03 Little Gopher & The Lawmen: 11:59 Girl Montage: 13:54 Ben & His Blade: 17:00 Ben Sanchez: 17:42 Vamonos: 20:12 Daniel Castillo: 21:17 Firewater: 21:52 Keenan Milton: 22:13 The Delta Blues: 23:29 Paulo Diaz: 24:08 Bang, Bang, Bang!: 26:03 Gabriel Rodriguez: 27:00 Paco’s Last Life: 29:18 Credits: 30:17
        Directors: Spike Jonze & Rick Howard Producers: Christian Tuttle & Girl Skateboard Films Videographers: Aaron Meza & Kris Kachikis, Tim Dowling
      • Mouse Watch / Read More +
        Chapters / Features:

          Mouse is the second full-length skateboard video from Girl Skateboards. Directed by Spike Jonze, the film is based on the novel “Das Maus” by Art Spiegel. Following in the footsteps of Goldfish, Mouse largely features skits and narrative shorts in between skate heavy sections.

          Introducing Mike “Puppet Boy” Mitchell
          Mouse: 0:00 Jeron Wilson: 3:17 Sean Sheffey: 4:40 Jovontae / Tim / Rudy: 6:12 Chaplin: 6:35 Mike York: 7:42 Chico Brenes: 11:10 Gabriel / Daniel / Shamil: 12:11 Brothas From Different Mothas: 13:48 Ben Sanchez: 15:17 Richard Mulder: 17:55 Keenan Milton & Gino Iannucci: 19:59 Live at Five: 20:57 Tony Ferguson: 21:23 Rick Howard & Mike Carroll: 22:23 Woods: 23:56 Eric Koston: 25:49 Little Keenan: 29:02 Guy Mariano: 31:24 Credits: 35:02
          Executive Producers: Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze, Rick Howard Directors: Spike Jonze, Rick Howard Editor: Rick Howard, Johannes Gamble Videography: Tim Dowling, Aaron Meza Design: Andy Jenkins, Geoff McFetridge, Bucky Fukumoto
        • Chocolate Tour Watch / Read More +
          Chapters / Features:

            It is the summer of 1999 and what the Chocolate team thinks will be a normal skateboarding tour across the USA, turns into a race against time with a new set of rules… Brushes with the law, forgery and fraud are just a few of the startling mis-adventures the Chocolate Brotherhood have on their way to saving the only other family they’ve ever known – the Girl team. Armed with a healthy respect for their elders, and a strong sense of camaraderie, the Chocolate team faces the overwhelming responsibility of being the last hope for their Girl brothers… or are they?

            Public Service Announcement: 0:00 Tim Gavin’s Retirement Part: 0:34 Opening Titles: 2:04 Chuck’s Skate Barn: 3:08 Mike York: 5:11 A Lot More Money to Make: 6:55 Tony Ferguson: 7:32 Officer Ferg: 8:11 Chico Brenes: 9:54 Sunnyside Village: 10:42 Girl Montage: 12:07 Richard’s Scam: 13:36 Richard Mulder: 14:42 Danny Mnemonic: 16:20 Daniel Castillo & Chris Roberts: 17:10 “I Used To Be Fresh”: 18:08 Mike Carroll: 19:02 Wheelchair The Ten: 20:14 Eric Koston: 21:12 Robbie McKinley & Paulo Diaz: 22:40 Gas Station Grift: 23:43 Keenan Milton: 25:15 “Dope Hotel”: 26:00 Scott Johnston: 26:31 Free Room: 27:12 Colin McKay: 28:07 Gino’s Room: 29:16 Gino Iannucci: 29:57 Evicted?: 31:15 Stevie Williams: 32:01 Old Men Scam: 33:48 Credits: 35:26
            Directors: Spike Jonze & Rick Howard Producers: Christian Tuttle & Girl Skateboard Films Photographers: Aaron Meza & Kris Kachikis
          • Girl South Africa Watch / Read More +
            Chapters / Features:

              Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Eric Koston, and Rick McCrank tour Johannesburg, Alberton, and Cape Town, South Africa.

              The team took in a safari, did demos, and had a van vs van food fight on the open road.
              Intro: 0:00
              Filmed and Edited by: Ty Evans
            • Euro Blitz Watch / Read More +
              Chapters / Features:

                The Girl & Chocolate teams venture into Europe for a full blitz. New guys on the team, Stevie Williams and McCrank go off.

                Intro: 0:00 Demo One: 0:58 Demo Two: 1:45 Demo Three: 2:30 Demo Four: 2:56 Demo Five: 3:11
                Filmed and Edited by: Ty Evans
              • Yeah Right! Watch / Read More +
                Chapters / Features:

                  Yeah Right, the 2003 skateboarding video from Girl Skateboards, is largely considered one of the most influential skate films of all time. Directed by Ty Evans and Spike Jonze, Yeah Right! is notable for its soundtrack, length, and the extensive use of special effects. The intro is one of the first films to capture skateboarding in ultra-slow motion. Yeah Right also features the celebrated 'Invisible Board' skit.

                  Keenan Forever: 0:00 Opening Credits: 3:00 Intro: 5:58 Brandon Biebel: 7:18 Magic Board: 10:11 Brian Anderson: 13:42 Marc Johnson: 16:42 Chocolate Montage: 20:46 Mike York: 25:35 Justin Eldridge: 28:54 Gino Iannucci: 30:20 Owen Wilson: 32:23 Robbie McKinley: 34:46 Girl Montage: 36:55 Paul Rodriguez: 42:33 The Skatetrix: 45:47 Jereme Rogers: 46:17 Mike Carroll: 48:56 Rick McCrank: 52:09 Invisible Board: 56:06 Eric Koston: 57:54 End Credits: 1:04:10
                  Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Directors: Ty Evans, Cory Weincheque, Spike Jonze Filmed and Edited by: Ty Evans
                • High 5's Up the i5 Watch / Read More +
                  Chapters / Features:

                    The Girl team (plus MJ) make their way up Interstate 5, through the Bay Area, Oregon, Washington and over the boarder in to Vancouver, Canada.

                    Runnin With The Devil: 0:00 Panama: 3:38 Round And Round: 7:13
                    Filmed and Edited by: Ty Evans
                  • Hot Chocolate Watch / Read More +
                    Chapters / Features:

                      Hot Chocolate is a documentary-style tour video that follows the Chocolate team as they travel around the US, skating streets, demos, and filming skits. The team is also interviewed before the trip for a sense of anticipation, and after to reflect on the good times had.

                      Opening: 0:00 Street Takeover: 5:38 Demo Section no.1: 7:13 Spycam: 10:09 Mike York: 11:33 Demo Section no.2: 15:22 Kenny Anderson: 16:29 Stress: 19:02 Gino Iannucci: 20:40 Justin Eldridge: 20:05 Synchronicity: 24:33 The Fam: 26:27 Chris Roberts: 31:16 Demo Section no.3: 33:12 Flame Board: 36:41 Marc Johnson: 39:12 Looking Back: 44:09 End Credits: 48:00
                      Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Directors: Spike Jonze, Ty Evans, Cory Weincheque Editor: Ty Evans Filmed by: Ty Evans, Spike Jonze, Lee Dupont, Steve Chalme, Lance Acord
                    • Hittin Brittain/Oui Will Rock You Watch / Read More +
                      Chapters / Features:

                        The boys of Chocolate flew over the pond to take on the UK and France. A tour so nice we named it twice.

                        The tour with two names actually comes from each distributor wanting their own poster to promote their event. We figured why not make it super specific and give them their own tour name too?
                        Hittin Britain: 0:00 Qui Will Rock You: 3:55 End Credits: 6:30
                        Filmed and Edited by: Aaron Meza Motion Graphics by: Johannes Gamble Talent Managed by: Sam Smyth
                      • Yes We Canada Watch / Read More +
                        Chapters / Features:

                          Girl Skateboards' Koston, McCrank, Jereme Rogers and the new kids, Malto and Mike Mo, tour Eastern Canada. Local legend Dan Bochart guides their way. This is Mike Mo and Malto's first trip with the Girl team, also the first time they met each other. Both were very confused when Koston showed up at the airport with golf clubs. The tour video is followed by “welcome” parts of Sean and Mo.

                          Streets: 0:00 Demos: 3:48 Welcome Mo & Malto: 6:56 End Credits: 8:07
                          Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Edited by: Aaron Meza Filmed by: Steve Chalme Intro Animation by: Johannes Gamble Talent Managed by: Sam Smyth
                        • Bad Ass Meets Dumb Ass Watch / Read More +
                          Chapters / Features:

                            The Girl and Chocolate teams spent a month touring the US, living out of the vans, doing demos, signing autographs, and hitting the mean streets.

                            Who are the BADASSES, and who are the DUMBASSES? Skate Mental riders Brad Staba and Reese Forbes followed the two vans in Reese’s Jaguar for the entire trip.
                            Opening Credits: 0:00 Phoenix: 2:34 Arlington: 3:27 Atlanta: 5:30 Myrtle Beach: 8:35 Raleigh: 9:39 D.C.: 12:08 Minneapolis: 13:50 Milwaukee: 17:20 Ohio: 18:44 Kansas: 19:55 Closing Credits: 21:51 San Diego: 23:33 Denver: 23:52
                            Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Edited by: Aaron Meza Filmed by: Aaron Meza & Dario Rezk Co-Produced by: Sam Smyth
                          • We're OK EurOK Watch / Read More +
                            Chapters / Features:

                              A healthy mix of Girl and Chocolate heads jam through Europe in search of awesome terrain and the best street pastries.

                              Featuring: Jeron Wilson, Devine Calloway, Sean Malto, Brandon Biebel, Brian Anderson, Rick McCrank, Justin Eldridge, and Jesus Fernandez.

                              Brad Staba tagged along on this one too.
                              Paris: 0:00 Amsterdam: 2:45 Malmo: 4:17 Norrkoping: 6:20 London: 7:25
                              Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Edited by: Aaron Meza Filmed by: Aaron Meza, Federico Vitetta, Colin Kennedy Motion Graphics by: Johannes Gamble Talent Managed by: Sam Smyth
                            • Beauty and the Beast Watch / Read More +
                              Chapters / Features:

                                The Girl and Anti Hero guys team up for an unprecedented good time. Traveling up to the Bay Area and through Oregon, into Washington, over to Orcas Island. Skatepark and camping conditions couldn't be topped. Magic ensued.

                                Intro: 0:00 Angel From The Coast: 1:02 Time Trails Classic: 3:24 Cold Crankin Amps: 4:54 The Milk And The Eggs: 7:51 Wizards Counsel: 8:36 Rock And Roll Creation: 10:44 End Credits: 13:09
                                Filmed and Edited by: Aaron Meza Talent Managed by: Sam Smyth
                              • Girl Outbackwards Tour Watch / Read More +
                                Chapters / Features:

                                  In 2010 the entire Girl Skateboards team traveled to Australia for an epic trip. Jam packed with street skating and demos the trip and tour video that followed featured Sean Malto, Brandon Biebel, Cory Kennedy, Alex Olsen, Brian Anderson and others!

                                  Demo One: 3:13 Demo Two: 5:32 Demo Three: 7:20 Melbourne: 9:23 Demo Four: 12:09
                                  Editor: Aaron Meza Videography: Roger Bagley & Aaron Meza
                                • Der Bratwurst Tour Ever Watch / Read More +
                                  Chapters / Features:

                                    The Girl & Chocolate teams tour Germany, eat bratwurst and test drive Porsches on the Autobahn.

                                    Intro/Stuttgart Demo: 0:00 Nuremberg Streets: 2:35 Nuremberg Demo: 4:41 Berlin Streets: 6:41 Berlin Demo: 9:25 Credits: 11:48
                                    Executive Produced by: Rick Howard, Megan Baltimore, Mike Carroll & Spike Jonze Directed by: Ty Evans Edited by: Ty Evans Filmed by: Ty Evans & Mark Nickles Featured Skaters: Kenny Anderson, Sean Malto, Vincent Alvarez, Eric Koston, Chico Brenes, Cory Kennedy, Lem Villemin